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4 tips for better investor presentations

Unfortunately when it comes to the vast majority of the presentations watched every day, the only thing investors feel compelled to do is take a snooze.

For decades companies have used the same boring presentation investors have seen it so many times that they can tell you exactly how it goes.

Do investors a favor and put a bullet in those boring presentations.

Keep your audience awake and engaged with visual presentations designed to communicate ideas in ways that will connect and resonate with investors.

4 Tips For Better Investor Presentations

Context Is Everything

“There’s a big difference between a press release and a presentation because presentations give an opportunity to highlight a company’s points of success, or to explain how a new strategy is evolving.’’ explains Sean Dougherty, a partner at IR consultancy Ticker Media Group. While presentation formats are flexible the length of presentation isn’t as important as its content and flow, which should be clearly and effectively conveyed.

Be Clear

Before crafting your message, think about your storyline. Why should investors care about this. Try to put forward the important points that can be quickly understood by your audience. Investors today are busy and don’t have all day to try and figure out what you are saying and why they should care.

Performing 5, and 30 second tests beforehand will verify what investors will remember when they scan the presentation quickly.

Use Visuals & Video

Infographics will help with understanding and the retention of information, by presenting facts and figures in a more attractive and compelling way,” explains Dougherty.

“Videos are in general a more engaging way to deliver messages than text and PowerPoint documents,” Dougherty continues. “Hosting videos of presentations or creating video clips of the CEO or senior management talking about how significant developments will impact the company for the investors page of your website will increase engagement and help put a more human face on the company.”

Think About Body Language

Another advantage of presentations using videos and webcasts is that “they allow current and potential investors to focus not only on content but also on body language, the importance of which is often underestimated,” says Dougherty, “When I speak with investors after a live presentation they often don’t comment on the numbers but rather on their impressions about the presenter’s attitude.”

“Be engaging and convincing,” recommends Dougherty, also stressing the importance of properly rehearsing each appearance. “The presenter is the face of the company which is why you need to get it right.”

The feedback our testers give make it easy for companies create clear compelling content that helps investors make better decisions and clients meet business goals.

Try a free test and see.

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