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50 Investor Testing question and test ideas

If you find that, even though you’re constantly trying to find new ways to attract investors, the work that’s done isn’t moving the needle, it’s time to take a step back and gather some investor feedback to find out why.

Start watching investors interact with your marketing content, listen to their unbiased feedback, and you will start producing rock solid results in no time. 

To increase liquidity and attract more shareholders ask yourself these 50 questions, then test against what investors do and say to be sure.

To measure impression:

  • How do investors perceive your company?
  • What words would they use to describe you?
  • Do those words match the way you want to be perceived?
  • Does your brand appear trustworthy?
  • Would investors recommend your company to a friend?
  • What do they like and dislike about the way you present your company? 
  • If they had a magic wand, what would shareholders change about your company?
  • What would non shareholders change?

To see if your copy is effective:

  • Can investors explain what makes you great within 60 seconds of landing on your investor page?
  • Is your language clear and free of jargon?
  • Are your press release headlines effective at catching the attention of investors?
  • How many press release views per release one year ago, today, one year from now?
  • Are your press releases effective at driving interested investors back to your website? 
  • Can investors explain in their own words why your press releases are significant?
  • Is your story compelling enough investors want to share it? Why or why not?

Head to head competition:

  • If investors are already familiar with both companies, all things being equal, which do they prefer?
  • Why do they prefer one company over the other?
  • Who does a better job of explaining their company more clearly?
  • What do investors like and dislike about your top competitor?
  • What would convince them to invest in your company?

To track performance:

  • How has the investor experience changed since your last visit?
  • Were you able to quickly and easily find everything you were looking for?
  • How much time did each visitor spend on your site one year ago, today, one year from now.
  • How many page views per visitor 1 year ago, today, one year from now.
  • Are you improving compared to the competition?

To gauge the investor experience over multiple channels:

  • How do investors interact with your company on their smartphone, desktop and tablet?
  • Is the experience consistent across all channels?
  • What do investors consider their primary channel of choice?

To optimize your email nurture list:

  • Why are investors opening some of your emails more than others?
  • What would investors change about your emails if they could?
  • Do your shareholders receive emails from other companies in your industry?
  • What do investors like and dislike about those emails?

To improve your forms:

  • Do you have the right number of fields on your form?
  • Do the forms work correctly and smoothly on all devices and all screen sizes?
  • If an investor makes a mistake when filling out a form, does your error messages help them correct the mistake right away?
  • Is there anything about your forms that would make an investor give up?

To learn how investors find you through search:

  • What keywords are investors using to find you in search?
  • Are they finding you in search?
  • Who do investors find first, you or a competitor?
  • If and when they click on your link, what are they expecting to find?
  • Does your site meet those expectations?

To improve your content marketing:

  • Do investors find your blog//infographics/webinars helpful and relevant?
  • When an investor lands on your site, what do they want to read first?
  • Do investors enjoy reading similar content from other companies? (If so, which ones?)
  • What topics would they like to see you discuss on your blog?
  • Where do investors generally go to discover content related to your industry?

To get a complete understanding of your analytics data:

  • Why do certain pages have high bounce and exit rates?
  • What’s really causing investors to leave your site at those points?
  • Why are conversions lower on one channel than another?


At the heart of every investor marketing challenge, there is an investor making a choice.

The value of asking questions and testing answers comes from the insights gained about investor behavior, and how the copy and design of your marketing content influences it. 

Testing helps you focus your challenges to a level where you can impact investors choice and drive real results.

Investor Testing is designed for public companies, startups, investor relations firms, investor marketers, design firms, and anyone who wants to base their investor marketing decisions on investor insight, not internal hunches.

Investor Testing is the leader in online investor experience research and remote usability testing of investor facing web-based and mobile content.

The feedback our testers give makes it easy to create clear compelling content that helps investors make better decisions and clients meet business goals.

Try a free test and see.

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Founder, CEO Investor Testing. If you want to find out how clear and compelling investors find your story ask them to explain it to you in their own words and watch what happens.

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