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6 reasons video rules mariet research and why you need it

Investor relations pro Nunzio Valarie believes that the most effective kind of research uses video… and we agree!

“I have learned from experience that the most effective kind of research is one that uses video, where investors speak on camera and tell exactly how they feel and what they think. This lets me understand the investor’s perspective in just minutes.”
~ Nunzio Valarie, Numark Capital.

At Investor Testing we use video to capture research findings and believe it is the best ways to discover what’s blocking investors from seeing the big picture.

Here are 6 compelling reasons why video should be an integral part of your market research strategy:

1) Real – Capturing thoughts, feelings and reactions on video provides a true record of research findings and allows review and analysis without misinterpretation.

2) Insightful – Capture what investors say and how they say it. Facial expressions, tone and body language are just as important as the words that are spoken.

3) Cost Effective – Remote testing makes it easy to get investor feedback cost effectively, saving time and expense.

4) Engaging – Seeing and hearing investors talking about your content is way more engaging than reading a report.

5) Accessible – Allowing teammates, clients and stakeholders to watch investors from their own office or device where seeing first hand reactions and opinions is so incredibly powerful.

6) Memorable – Using video to share your research findings helps you to improve recall and embed the findings into your team’s’ minds.

When it comes to learning what investors do and why, spending time watching them is essential. That’s why we use video to observe what investors think and why, reveal how they behave, and discover confusing copy or sticking points blocking investors from seeing your full potential. 

When it comes to meeting your investor marketing goals, what investors experience while researching your company and how clear and compelling investors find your story will ultimately determine whether investors buy in or move on.

And thats why it’s so important you get it right.

To find out how more about  the power of video as a market research tool, or to commission your own test contact us now.

When it comes to learning what investors do and why, video rules. Try a FREE test and see how easy Investor Testing makes it to improve your message and presentation and meet your business goals. 

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Mark McKelvie

Founder, CEO Investor Testing. If you want to find out how clear and compelling investors find your story ask them to explain it to you in their own words and watch what happens.

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