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Partner with Investor Testing

Work with Investor Testing to bring validation to your strategies and accelerate your clients business results.

Every investor relations agency has the same end goal. More. More liquidity, more shareholders, and more access to capital which leads to more revenue for you.

But when you begin by asking, “How can we do more?“ You’re bypassing the question that comes before it, which is—“Why will investors want more?” And thats where we come in.

How Your Agency Can Leverage Investor Testing


Improve Your Pitches

Include videos of real investors struggling with potential or current client’s websites or marketing materials. 


Make Better Decisions

Instead of best practices, let investor behavior determine what to do.


Optimize To Create Great Investor Experiences

Test clients’ websites, investor pages, landing pages, press releases, calls to action, and social pages. 


Deliver Better Results

Improve results by testing and tweaking your clients messaging and presentation early and often.

Learn More About Investor Testing

Getting C-Suite Buy In for Investor Testing

Getting C-Suite Buy In for Investor Testing

Google, Amazon, and Netflix all know that observing real people using their website and hearing their spoken thoughts is the best approach for improving online experiences. It’s why they are so successful and dominate their industries. Well, the same applies to... read more
Agencies: How To Sell More Investor Testing.

Agencies: How To Sell More Investor Testing.

If there is one thing I would recommend that agencies do to sell more Investor Testing, it would be to make it a small thing. Many companies make a big deal out of testing. They hire an agency to run a $ 50K test for them. They have multiple meetings beforehand to... read more
Being Found Vs Standing Out

Being Found Vs Standing Out

Jim is the IRO of a microcap company and struggles to find ways to attract more investors and increase liquidity. He’s been in the business for twenty years, long enough to see the world of investor relations turned upside down. For years Jim focused on investor... read more

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