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Attract Shareholders With Priming



You know we love learning why investors do what they do around here. Its fun, fascinating, and helps our clients create great investor experiences and attract more shareholders.

Well, we just get so excited about it we have to share.

Below are a few highlights from an interesting white paper Cabot Research put out on the subject of priming and decision making.  Original Cabot Report 

Priming can help you attract more shareholders. Here we go.

All decisions can be explained, but few are motivated for the reasons believed.

That’s because unconscious forces motivate behavior in ways that are both subtle and stunning.

Priming is one mechanism that shapes our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Important note from the abstract of the Gilad and Kliger report:

“We focused on professionals: commercial banks’ investment advisors and accountants in CPA firms. Results indicate that priming affects subjects’ risk attitudes and investment decisions. Professionals’ decisions were affected more than undergraduates’, suggesting they employ a more intuitive and less analytic approach in making their decisions.”

Key Excerpts From The Cabot Research Report

  • “Priming is a mechanism that influences decisions unconsciously.”
  • “Priming is a process of activating particular connections or associations in memory prior to carrying out an action or task.” 
  • “Priming also sways financial decisions.”
  •  “Most people are aware of the powerful influences that emotions can have over immediate behavior and judgments, but remain unaware that these influences can carry over into unrelated contexts in which decisions and behavioral choices are made.”

Why priming affects investor marketing results.

Primes can influence opinion about your company. Primes can influence the choices investors make and actions they take. 

Priming is about helping investors feel comfortable and in the right mindset when researching and evaluating your company.

Take a look at your investor marketing material, are you primed for success?

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