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Investor Testing Standing Out

Jim is the IRO of a microcap company and struggles to find ways to attract more investors and increase liquidity. He’s been in the business for twenty years, long enough to see the world of investor relations turned upside down. For years Jim focused on investor conferences and broker outreach, then Jim tried newsletters to attract investors but with diminishing ROI on his IR budget he began to look into other options. Now Jim pays Google, an SEO firm, and other third party platforms thousands of dollars every month in order to be found.

Jim learns about pay per click, backlinks and search queries while managing the day to day investor relations operations. He gets more traffic to the website, but so do all the other microcap companies in his space who are playing the ‘being found’ game along with him. The problem is once a prospective investor arrives at his company’s website there’s nothing to distinguish him from his competition. 

Everywhere you look you’ll see companies using a one size fits all digital IR platforms telling the same story the same way everyone else is because it feels safer to conform than to stand out. But the things that set you apart—the uncommon and unmistakable are what investors seek out. And yet we fall into the trap of asking “Is this what everyone else in the industry is doing. 

If you substituted the logo on your website for a competitor’s would investors notice?

Being found is useless if you can’t make investors feel like they wouldn’t even consider any of the other investment opportunities available.

Your job is to make sure they do.

Those that fail to do so will continue to be hampered by ever diminishing market liquidity, market cap and access to capital.

Investor Testing is the leader in online investor experience research and remote usability testing of investor facing web-based and mobile content.

The feedback our testers give make it easy for companies create clear compelling content that helps investors make better decisions and clients meet business goals.

Start testing and see.

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Mark McKelvie

Founder, CEO Investor Testing. If you want to find out how clear and compelling investors find your story ask them to explain it to you in their own words and watch what happens.

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