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Forbes Report, Data Driven Marketing

According to a recent report from Forbes, data-driven marketing has delivered demonstrable results in terms of customer loyalty, customer engagement and market growth and finds widespread agreement that data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a hyper-competitive global economy.

The report goes on to say organizations that are “leaders” in data-driven marketing enjoy far higher levels of customer engagement and market growth than their “laggard” counterparts.

  • 6 times more likely than laggards to report achieving competitive advantage in increasing profitability (45% vs. 7%) 
  • 5 times more likely in customer retention (74% vs. 13%).
  • 3 times more likely than laggards to say they have achieved competitive advantage in customer engagement/loyalty (74% vs. 24%)
  • 3 more likely to have increased revenues (55% vs. 20%). 

You can see the whole report which is based on a global survey of more than 300 executives, here  “Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization.”’

Other key findings:

  • Growth and commitment to data-driven marketing are rising.
  • Most organizations planning to step up their efforts. 
  • Half of executives admit their efforts are lagging.
  • Most are now collecting demographic data on customers.

It has become increasingly important, if not entirely essential, to have accurate reliable data to help guide us in developing the strongest messages and presentations.  

At its core, data and testing matters because it not only measures progress, it inspires it.

The importance of Investor Testing data cannot be overstated. Knowing the exact challenges facing investors as they research and evaluate your company will help to guide policies, develop effective messages, set targets, and monitor progress.

Testing is the only way to look beyond personal prejudices and opinions.

The best way to improve marketing effectiveness is by keeping your fingers on the pulse by constantly testing, fine-tuning, and executing with excellence.

Start using an investor insight led marketing strategy by gathering the right data and you will raise more capital and attract more shareholders. 


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