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Getting C-Suite Buy In For Investor Testing

Google, Amazon, and Netflix all know that observing real people using their website and hearing their spoken thoughts is the best approach for improving online experiences. It’s why they are so successful and dominate their industries.

Well, the same applies to raising capital and attracting shareholders. Improving the investor experience during the research and evaluation process is the easiest way to increase liquidity, attract shareholders and meet your business goals.

You know acting on the insights Investor Testing reveals will increase liquidity, attract shareholders, and help you meet your investor marketing goals faster and cheaper but, before you setup your first test, you need to convince the boss that it’s worth the investment.

Good thing that’s easy. See, all the boss cares about are results. Results that save money, add to the bottom line, and are measurable.  Investor Testing delivers on each.


9 compelling reasons why your boss will love Investor Testing.

1) Get Investor Insight Not Data
Statistical tools like Google Analytics explain what’s happening on a website, but they don’t explain why. Relying on data alone provides clues, but does not explain investor behavior. Insight from Investor Testing helps companies better understand investors and identify new ways to serve them better.

2) Increase Liquidity
Investor Testing is widely considered the best way to discover why people leave websites. Acting upon this insight leads to significant increases in buy in from both new and existing investors. Double digit lifts in liquidity following Investor Testing is common.

3) Improve Conversion Rates 
Successful companies focus on improving conversions. Why? Because even small percentage increases in conversions impact the bottom line more than spending additional money attracting new investors who don’t convert. Increase the effectiveness of all marketing spend by fixing the problems that Investor Testing reveals.

4) Beat The Competition 
Today, investors are only a click or two away from your competition. Investor Testing your competitor’s websites reveals how they stack-up and why investors choose one over another. Investors do not make decisions in a vacuum. They will be judging you against other potential investment ideas as well. To make sure you are the logical choice, test head to head against other companies in your sector.

5) Identify Why Investors Are Not Buying In 
Investor Testing reveals much more than how investors interact with a website, it also reveals common reasons investors are not comfortable buying in. Examples include a company being difficult to understand, information is not easy to find, lack of trust and/ or inadequate information on management.

6) Increase Productivity 
How many times have you had a call from investors asking questions they ‘should’ have been able to answer on your website?  Investor Testing helps identify areas investors find confusing and/ or lacking information; so you can serve them there and spend less time fielding unnecessary calls.

7) Reduce The Cost Of Development  
Investor Testing during the development cycle - on wireframes, prototypes and pre-release versions significantly reduces development costs. Fixing problems before a site goes live can be up to 90% cheaper (Mayhew & Bias).

8) More Satisfied Shareholders 
Easier to use websites lead to more satisfied shareholders. Investor Testing reveals where your website is difficult or confusing to use and why a user might leave.

9) It’s Common Sense! 
We all use the internet. We all get frustrated when a website is difficult to use or confusing. Investor Testing let’s you see your own website from an investor’s perspective and identify what frustrates them so you can fix it.

At the center of every investor marketing goal is a person making choices. Investor Testing helps you focus your investor marketing growth challenges to a level where you can impact investors choice and drive real results.

With Investor Testing you can listen to what investors value and perceive as your competitive advantage, Learn how investors make decisions so you can create unique value to differentiate yourself and grow by linking these insights directly to strategic decision making.


Try a FREE test  to see how Investor Testing can help you improve your investor marketing results and meet your business goals.

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Mark McKelvie

Founder, CEO Investor Testing. If you want to find out how clear and compelling investors find your story ask them to explain it to you in their own words and watch what happens.

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