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Two things I know for sure, one, an effective pitch deck is a must have when looking to attract investors, and two, Guy Kawasaki knows how to pitch. 

We Investor Test a lot of power point presentations/pitch decks around here so when I saw Guys article How To Create An Enchanting Pitch  I knew it was a subject many of you care about. Even though this article is about pitch decks many of the tips apply to all investor marketing materials. 

Here are a few of the many article highlights. 

  • “To cut to the chase, there are two extremes in online dating: eHarmony and Hot Or Not. When you use the former, you provide the data along twenty-nine dimensions to find your soul mate. When you use the latter, you look at a picture and decide if the person is “hot or not” in a few seconds. When it comes to PowerPoint pitches for your company, think Hot Or Not, not eHarmony. End. Of. Discussion.”  
  • You do not present in a vacuum. There were pitches before you. There will be pitches after you. (Just like there are pictures of people looking for dates before and after you.) You need to look hot in a river of bright, shiny objects. 
  • The scintillating adjectives that you think apply to your business are tired and worn out—”patent-pending,” “revolutionary,” “innovative,” “scalable.” Been there, heard that. Four times. Today. Just like people who describe themselves as “bright,” “outgoing,” and “warm” on dating sites.
  • Think of two airplanes: 747 and F18. A 747 lumbers down the runway and takes one to two miles to get off the ground. A F18 catapults off an aircraft carrier and reaches 165 mph in two seconds on a 270-foot deck—or falls into the ocean. Guess which plane you’re in when you are making a pitch.
  • The best-case outcome of pitch is not a request for wiring instructions. There is a much more modest goal: rising above the noise and avoiding elimination. You want to “live another day” and get to the next stage: due diligence.  

The article goes on to explain in detail how to lay out the perfect pitch deck. Many of the tips apply to IR pages, conference presentations, and crowdfunding videos too so it is worth the read.

Is your pitch deck effective? Does it work? How does your pitch, page or presentation stack up? 

With so much on the line, don’t leave it to chance, Investor Test it. 

Investor Testing is the most powerful investor experience testing platform available today. We provide on-demand access to investors who deliver audio, video, and written feedback on pitches, pages, presentations.

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