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Making an investment is a complex decision involving entering into a bet without knowing the final outcome.

Will this be a winner? Will this be a loser?

The anxiety associated with taking losses causes investors to research in an effort to develop a narrative about owning your stock that will end with a positive outcome.

The investor’s decision to buy your stock or not boils down to which feeling is stronger after researching your company.

 1) The fear and anxiety associated with loss.

 2) The fear of missing out on a great opportunity.

With that in mind, what’s one of the biggest problems companies face when trying to attract investors?

Drowning in a sea of sameness. 

Investors today are constantly bombarded with information, options, and choices. Time is short and using the information at their disposal, they will make a choice.

Will they choose you? If you want to increase the odds they do, you must stand out. That’s simply common sense.

The art and science of attracting investors and increasing liquidity doesn’t include boring cookie-cutter investor presentations or investor pages that make you look and sound just like everyone else.

Investor marketing that works is about standing out, not blending in.

Whats the easiest way to stand out? Make it super easy for investors to fall in love with you. 

How do you do that? Crafting your marketing through the eyes of the investor. 

What are investors thinking?

From a potential investor’s perspective, their thinking goes something like this:

  • I want to make money.
  • I don’t want to lose money!
  • Do you look trustworthy?
  • I don’t want to lose money!
  • What do you do?
  • I don’t want to lose money!
  • How do you make money?
  • I don’t want to lose money!
  • How will I make money?
  • I don’t want to lose money!
  • What makes you better?
  • I don’t want to lose money
  • How big is the opportunity?
  • I don’t want to lose money
  • Do I see a clear path to me making money? 

The answers investors come up with to these questions determine how they feel about you and will significantly impact whether they buy your stock or not.

When investors find a one size fits all page with nothing on it but your filings, financials and news, investors have to work harder to develop the positive narrative they need and thats a problem for you because at some point the risk of owning your stock is not worth the effort. 

Simply put, the easier you make it for investors to overcome the anxiety, the more likely they are to buy your stock. Period.

Investors are searching for something unique, something better. They want to invest in companies they can get behind and cheer for which means your investor page needs to deliver a compelling story if you expect to convert interested investors into committed shareholders.


Being under recognized, under funded, and under valued are symptoms of a larger problem. Investors and influencers not seeing you as the attractive investment opportunity you are.

In other words, you’re not standing out. 

Fix that and everything else falls into place.

To stand out and be noticed, create remarkable investor experiences by optimizing the research and evaluation process. Start with adopting an investor centered approach that begins with investor testing. Call 585 301 7700 today.