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Investor conversion rate optimization is more important than ever.

In case you’ve been living in a remote jungle with no internet access for the last few years, here are a few reasons why investor conversion rate optimization has become a top priority for savvy investor marketers.

Reason 1: The obvious one—you get more shareholders, free

The obvious reason you focus on improving investor conversion rates is more shareholders and liquidity without having to spend another penny more on advertising.

How does that work? Simple, conversion rate optimization is about testing content variables against each other and using the version that converts better so you get more from your current budget.

Reason 2: The “slight edge” phenomenon

In most competitions, “the winner takes all” and this is particularly true of investor marketing. Why? Because investors will often evaluate a handful of companies and only choose one. 

So if you want to attract more investors you have to easier to find, easier to understand and tell a more compelling story than your competition. Telling even a slightly better story than your competition is enough.

This phenomenon is sometimes called the “slight edge.

Reason 3: Investor conversion rate optimization makes financial sense. 

When your investor conversion rate increases so does the liquidity of your stock. More liquidity opens the door to more access to capital at more favorable terms saving your company millions.

In addition to lowering costs of capital, clarity leads to increased understanding and fewer investor calls saving your staff valuable time and resources.  

Reason 4: The first-mover advantage

If your competitors aren’t already focused on investor conversion optimization, they will be soon. Companies are now starting to realize that there are winners and losers when it comes to investor marketing and companies that are not testing to improve conversion will be left on the sidelines. 

There are obviously many more reasons and we will be covering them here so stick around and you will be using Investor Testing to improve your investor conversion optimization rates in no time. 

Test early, test often.

Improving conversion is about getting the most out of the resources you have. If you have any questions about how investor conversion rate optimization will help you reach your business goals faster please call 585 301 7700.